Bianello Natural Reserve and Castle

Bianello Oasis is located next to the town of Quattro Castella and is a splendid example of the italian Apennines habitat, with height of about 300 meters, forests, small meadows and cultivated spots. The Oasis Visitor Center is equipped with screening room, information kits and services, two natural trails with educational panels and a guide, with functions of environmental management, hospitality and accompanying visitors, research and monitoring.

The Castle of Bianello is the only fortification left standing of the 4 towers that already in the eighth century were aligned on the four hills - starting from the west - Mount Vetro, Bianello, Mount Lucio and Mount Zane (aka Mount Zagno or Mount Giovanni), which are currently above the town of Quattro Castella.

At about ten miles from the Oasis there is the small town of Canossa, with the beautiful castle of Matilda of Tuscany. Moving towards south, always along the highway n. 63 towards Passo del Cerreto, there is the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park with the tipical flora and fauna of the italian Apennine: hawks, eagles, deers and many orchids.

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